The Ultimate Guide to Filling your Sales Pipeline: The Key to a Complete Sales Turnaround

Sales Beacon has had the pleasure of working with some of the best sales people on the planet in some of the largest enterprise sales pursuits for over a decade. We’ve also seen why they struggle. This series encapsulates what we’ve learned.

Giving a sales rep more time led to a total sales turnaround and transformation in their business.

We love turning companies into big winners. We were recently approached by a re-seller partner of a global IT manufacturer. They were struggling to uncover new funnel opportunities and their bottom line was suffering. Their main problem was that their sales force was so overloaded with sales tools and chasing other departments for sales approvals that they spent almost no time prospecting for new business!

We ran a pilot with one of their sales people who had obvious sales talent but just couldn’t make quota. She’d tried a virtual assistant to dig out of staring at what seemed to be endless to do lists – and while that helped her be more organized, it didn’t help anyone she needed responses from. First we identified who in the overlay teams, partners and functional areas needed to do what by when. Then we offloaded all the collaborative tools and made sure there was a central dashboard on a cloud repository. Through status updates, ongoing action item reminders and we made enough noise for everyone to make sure they focused their attention on her sale needs.

Understanding the results is pretty simple. More time and focus on customer needs, more focus from the extended teams on what she needed to be successful – it was transformational.

Now they were able to identify and sell more. In addition, they used their new skills to sell their next-gen cloud and collaboration solutions, software and high-margin managed services.

shutterstock_399955201Later, we took over a lot of the CRM updating and ran team meetings as people became more familiar with our value. We even helped with post-sales support to make sure the customer had questions answered and solutions they needed to maximize customer satisfaction. Just giving a sales rep more time and offloading all this chasing around led to a total sales turnaround and transformation in their business.

Implementing team-driven efficiencies is really easy and will have a massive measurable impact. There’s no risk and the ROI is incredible. Contact us at and discover how we can place you and your sales team on the same successful path. We look forward to hearing from you.